Celestial Charisma from Physical Life’s Greatest

When Nick replies to Julia, it’s like the heavens are calling, inviting me into spiritual life from the index finger and beyond. Sunflower aren’t just another cookie-cutter, anaemic indie band; they have true meaning. Saturday 10th September was something of a pilgrimage – to finally meet my ultimate idols.

From boarding the Northern train service, upon which a train conductor was present with the absence of some 12-year olds wearing balaclavas, to Manchester Piccadilly to wallowing in self-pity at Omar’s takeaway counter – the entire occasion was simply perfect. I suppose the amount of optimism we held was crucial to the level of enjoyment that was experienced by all. Nevertheless, Sunflower Bean were immaculate.

As we strolled through Manchester University’s overpowering campus, the legendary guitar riffs were looping through my mind. The music intoxicates the mind, letting go of all grudges and leaving one at undeniable peace with the planet.

Manchester has a rich history of memorable live music events, the urban wonder also has a tradition of producing some of the finest musicians to have ever graced physical life. So when, “The Bean,” announced their debut album tour was going to come to Manchester tickets were instantly bought. Four of them in fact. I am forever in £44 worth of debt to the great tuneful spirit that roams from Brooklyn.

After ambling past many noticeable signs of the musical heritage that surrounded us, such as the Palace Theatre and the Royal Northern College of Music (home to Barry Saxon), we made it to The Deaf Institute. Once a place of worship, this ancient gothic sanctuary had been fulfilled once again with its spirit and character that it was once the almighty tenant of. The original feature doors had a benign grin spread across them, knowing full-well the extent of gratification we were destined to retain.

Up the partially decayed, 21 step staircase lay the music hall. The glistening disco ball instantly instilled the “Partaaaayyyy” mood into us. We were ready. Come on Sunflower Bean.

The intimacy that the venue holds could never be recreated similarly elsewhere. We were all fully aware that this was it. The pinnacle of a physical lifetime. An encounter like this wasn’t going to be embraced until post graduation.

Jacob’s Mexican size 9.5 foot peered around the miniscule stage door. It was Jacob. It was really him. Julia followed – then Nick. This had to be fictitious. How? Why? To think Julia Cumming is only 5 years senior to myself is barbaric. The bass tone she so precisely portrays is phenomenal. They open with human ceremony. A hymn to those with the intelligent musical depth truly required to self-indulge in the celestial noise that the 3-piece create. Sunflower can’t be fully understood by those with a lucid outlook on life. As the band continue to rattle through the classic tunes off ‘the album’, the atmosphere intensifies. Until…

The climax. Space Exploration Disaster. This is why Damdin Sukhbaatar allowed physical life to expand into the 22nd century being, “In the year 2013.” No more needs to be said. A special moment for all.

To top it all off. We met them. We met Sunflower Bean. There are no words in the English language to describe how monumental this symbolic occasion was. All I can say is “Энэ гайхалтай шаттайгаар байна”

Julia, Jacob and Nick – We will meet when Venus is under Capricorn.